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tv   BOS Budget and Finance Committee 4616  SFGTV  April 8, 2016 10:40am-12:41pm PDT

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employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco adjourned. >>discussion thank you. > good afternoon, everyon welcome to the san francisco board of education for wednesday, april 6, 2016, my name is conserving i'll be joined by supervisor yee and
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supervisor wiener and joined by supervisor tang. >> supervisor jane kim thank you linda wong and jennifer lowe and herb the sfgovtv members moichltd. >> yes. electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the april 12th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> okay. thank you madam clerk cal state university item 3. >> item 3 receive an update if the mayor's office and on the updated 5 year financial plan for 2015 to 2020 good afternoon brendon from the controller's office as many of you may know i as you may know every year and twice a year the 3 financials
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office the controller's office and is mayor's office budget and budget analyst prepare update for the consensus for the forecast we issued what we call a joint report in november along with budget instructions and two week ago we've prepared an update and accomplished published that on all 3 websites we're here to give a quick briefing on that report on o at the highest level good news and bad news the two year shortfall our office project the next two fiscal years we see improvement in revenue and a couple of other resources that led us to project a 200 and $50 million as opposed to $350 million we expelled in november we'll talk about what changed we're seeing none, improvements that improvement is driven by news we've recorded to
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you 6 months ago and then some revisions that is partially offset by things one is worsening pension returns to february the pension fund was down 4 percent in terms of their market gains and as you may know the system counts on 5 percent return and when they fall short we make 2 up in the highest pension so the higher loss to the end of february which worsens year two and additional appropriations were moved through the system we worked those uses were the general revenue drive the tricks for the budget year. >> so the high-level tabular
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form that is the sources and uses look at in the two year the $6 million shortfall in year one one and 60 memorial day that is the two year budgets the outcome is somewhat alarming 67 hundred and 90 in year four are higher than a couple of years driven by employee costs and expenses pension costs higher than previously expected and slower revenue the assumption of this year. >> this table is trying to summarize a high-level what changed go as you can see the top lines are the 3 oaths even though bottom line is projected and the middle is what changed
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as you can see sources and improvement $24 million in 2016-2017 and 90 miles million dollars in 2017-2018 and the loss in year there 3 this is better than the last two years and going way in year 3 that's the revenue side other changes are relatively small with the expectation of salaries and benefit cost in 2017-2018 and 2019, 20 higher than the previous the pension costs again lower returns the currency years that continue and pension costs will go up the future years, and, secondly, we have open labor contracts with the contracts we make assumptions we'll be negotiating those contracts next year at that time
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and use cpi so the most recent estimates are higher than than november and causes those to be go up. >> we've talked about a couple of these things to hit a couple of highest points as i mentioned balance a six months report and given new news for public health the current fund balance a higher than k3e79d with the future forecast on the revenue our forecast for the 4 years the are unchanged ups and downs but the only significant one is the good news on property tax the assessors oversees office is catching on that part of the
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world and seeing fewer appeals and a couple of things effecting the property tax this is drooiven the revenue partially offset by revenue loose in public hotels given the medi-cal wave we'll be hearing about that when public health department comes to present their hearing a couple of big things the baseline ross mostly the percentages of revenue that end up flowing 0 other purposes and voter initiatives we've seen an increase in the baseline contributions during this period one of the good news or bad news depending on which side of legislator your own population growth the city has about this very strong in the last year and given prop a provided by the voters in 2014 that drives a higher contribution to the mta
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we expected in november that costs are reflected her and has a benefit you you've heard about that at the last hearing on the mtas budget our projections assume generally speaking we assume where the policy choices are pending or approved by the board we base it as assumptions one of the things we're hearing is 9 assumption it the rec and park and baseline that is proposed by the mayor and pending a vote in june we've you assuming a new cost reserves as i said stronger than expected uses of reserves needs we need to make a large contribution to the same reserves we have $10 million that is drawn to the general
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revenue it causes a contribution to the reserve and i'm going to turn it over to melissa white house from the mayor's office of budget she'll talk about that. >> thank you, melissa acting budget director i want to chat along the expenditure as the controller mentioned this report assumes that assumes cpi the out years and the now 3 housing unit 25 rates that plays under the agreement as of july 1st a contract negotiated 3 years ago and open contracts in 2017-2018 we're assuming that a consumer price indexes and now closer to 3.1 percent on the retirement pension contribution side the report in december 2015 that we put out assumed we'll meet the
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current year returns and actually at the time, we issued the update they were negative 5 percent so we thought that was prudent to move forward and include that it is included here. >> on the non-restricted so 2 point - and then on our debt program your participation program there is a few changes one related to the project reenvisioning the process ongoing right now with the board and the mayor's office and that will be concluding in the fall feeding into the capital improvement plan near and the next is the new facility from animal control to the certifies program and so this, of course, is the
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forecast an update with new information we've gotten since december but definitely just a forecast we're working hard to tabulate and figure out how to balance the budget by june 1st those will be impacted by the economic recovery we don't do recreation by a dignity fund program that moderating or anything else that is possible that will effect our budget as well also potentially any new revenues along that line impacts our budget. >> i'm going to turn it over to the controller. >> so one of the things we do the 5 year forecast provides the modeling for the board and mayor and the other decision makers regard how this somewhere changes should the financial picture change between our
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office we prepare a recession scenario and in each of the documents this is really modeling a blend of the last two recessions as a remembered if we get through 24 one a recession to the united states that will be the allocating period since world war ii this might be a possibility and changes the picture quickly and dramatically the numbers we're looking earlier the report assume a continued but slowing expansion the city. falling from 8 percent if ten period of time growth to someone on the o something more normal if losses are suffering like the last two recessions as you can see it causes a $680 million roughly difference than can occur is sitting down increases the future shortfalls is it so
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something to be aware of as we think about how to approach that >> but again, the key finding from the report of shortfall the 3 offices have projected a lower shortfall of 200 and $50 million with the improvement of november a higher projection than shortfalls when the projections were one million dollar and again driven by revenue improvements predominantly offset by supplementals and worsening pension returns i'm sure any of the offices will be happy to take questions. >> thank you mr. rosenfeld colleagues, any questions at this time. >> okay. i appreciate the presentation thank you for the work and looking forward to a continued conversation supervisor wiener actually -
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>> thank you, mr. chair gums that the projected deficit coming down i gave a thumbs up prop b was exactly the point more people we need better transit and unfortunately, this building is to the great about that calendar into the region and that's why now physically impossible to squeeze into bart and caltrain or muni sometimes, i know that that causes challenges when you have some of the automatic increases but that's the exact the point of the $10 million and appreciate the presentation. >> thank you, supervisor wiener for that prop b much appreciated we've move on to public comment anyone wish to comment on that item okay seeing none, public comment is closed sorry this is item 3 with that colleagues could we make a
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motion to continue this through the chair. >> is there a second. >> seconded by supervisor yee we'll take that without objection. all right. madam clerk call item 1 please. item one a hearing to receive a bucket update from the rec and park department for the fiscal year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 and . >> okay. thank you very much we have phil ginsburg and property line from the rec and park department thank you for being here. >> colleagues this is one of the first departmental overviews for the season so thank you for being up first. >> thank you, supervisors i hope you get a chance to be outside it is nice we've provide a brief overview of the budget and as we'll talk about in a second we find ourselves in a
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unique way we change the budget this is a reminder of some of the key elements of of our strategy plan which will tie into the investments in a little bit be this is 4 key strategies that is focused on on public space and play focused think cultivating volunteer and supporters and stewardship and our workforce itself so the controller alluded it the proposed chart amendment that is a brief reminder of what it will do the measure guarantees the department a stable level of general funds for by sherry our subsidy b will not drop below in
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2016-2017 fixed for $6.2 million and increases the department support by $3 million a year for the next 10 years and by the percentage that the general fund grows or contracts for the 5 years actually for the - for the 15 year - yeah - right and ad r for the expiration of the measure you know this a really good thing for long term planning and thank you all of you for supporting the measure and supervisor farrell for your work in promoting it. >> the protection instability we get comics with obligations we are responsible for absorbing all the costs increases and revenue changes within the new
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baseline and your one time capital equipment that were previously funded by the you know discretionary fund we have to absorb all of that the mayor's office budget has instructed the budget to be 1re78d the assumption the charter amendment captures that's what i'll take you through new now. >> because we are pegged to the r78s budget let's take a quick look at that you can see what the operating and capital budget funded it is worth noting that fluctuates from year to year based on when bonds are issued and other grants significantly the ballot measure includes a very, very the babies include a healthy year $2 million we've pledged to
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maintain that level of general fund capital investment so tackle some of the one time maintenance challenges and for us that is really one of the most exciting aspects of the 34ur measure obviously the amount of revenue the budget independence how much we can spend where our revenues come from 3 primary sources roughly a third a third and third a third, the money we earn from things big and small from outdoor lapd's to program fees to we operate parking, 4 that concludes my remarks and commissioned about a third if our open space fund we currently get 2 and a half cents of the property tax that is allocated to the open space fund and our
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general fund subsidy that is what the measure is going to protect and increase over time. >> just a little bit of on overview where and how we spends our money it is spent on park and maintenance nearly half and third open reaction and third on maintenance and miscellaneous other we're thin the administrative so 7 percent of our budget is for folks like me. >> and then as you can see in the next pie charter we're the vast majority of our budget is spent on salaries and what in the so again we were budgeting this
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year based on the assumption that the measure would pass and so building department once we applied the measure and factored the increased costs of salaries we actually did have to fall for a little bit of funding- wait a second here here's the - so after we absorbed all the cost increases we funded the general fund capital budget we have a shortfall but we got it to the earned open space fund overall good news $4 million to reinvest in 2030 what wale do we'll go back to the strategic plan and
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strategies so a big allocation for deferred tools and things we've not done in the past included in some of the staff adding american people electrician and plumber and focus on deferred maintenance and frankly a lot of things i know you hear about it in your districts this for us is like the highlight of the measure as you can see here that by having the healthy general fund capital budget we're able to augment a lot of the maintenance buckets categories we used to fix things what is here you'll not see what we spend spent in 2016 by
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increasing the budget by 36 percent this is more of a true - we're investing millions of dollars for camp mather our ball fields our synthetic and others fields we're excited about having a bucket of funding for amazon and we have sunset and the renovation urban forestry is a big challenge we'll add funding to our urban forestry to tackle tree maintenance and tree care port resurfacing we hear from our officer who to be resurfaced and tennis courts and heating is something we've long neglected we have throughout our parks pathways and trails that actually need care and feeding
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we are making investment in the second strategy it is focused on play and recreation and the measure we very proud of the fact we had you to insure the measure deputies metrics to make sure that dollars were investing go to wherewith that is needed and doing that as you can see we're focused on adding recreational programming in poor neighborhoods we felt that was a little we need more programs a little bit more funding for youth and seniors and significantly update to the reservation system it is antiquated and will benefit
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everyone perhaps the biggest program fixing what is broken appreciative maintenance and cycles for the capital assets this is a rather large undertaking we've started the planning but working with some experts and additional staff and software involved we can better track our capital assets and know when we need to replace the tracks for 10 years and things like that inspiring stewardship we're adding some i p m specialists and then i'm excited about the fact we're going to bring in a
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farm which is running on volunteer support for a long, long time and having a site coordinator we'll better incorporate our programs and off farm care to make sure that people have access that to with wonderful we have site and a little bit of funds that had likewise allow us to offer a green program one of the best environmental education for forest programs and then lastly some stuff to insure that our staff is well-trained and prepared and has the tools we have a staff organization i'm very, very proud of. this will allow us to further the workforce for an
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apprenticeship program and give them some better tools to do their job is soconnection activ we've gotten a lot of good feedback we were i think we were at jean and recreation center we present three or four times at the commission all prozac and staff meetings those proposals ended up on the list were collaborative in partnership with the community a little bit of an overview we'll urban design back. >> thank you very much mr. ginsburg colleagues, any questions for the rec and park department staff. >> supervisor kim. >> this is just something that came up recently, we don't know about the passage of the park
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when will you plan for the growth are we looking it as a long term budget how we plan to increase those dollars it's been a tremendous amount of dollars more than $3 million so that's why we we get a sense of how rec and park increased the funding. >> thank you for that question some i recovered referred this allows us to plan for our deferred maintenance over a scope of time the increase itself you know this is really about stability and protecting money from deferred maintenance many increases are great they will help us really fund you know the increased cost of government but investments will reflect our strategy plan and the measure itself requires us to do
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operation and capital plans so we're going to be planning intensive some of the work has started we tackled our strategic plan two years ago i feel we were already thinking this way before it ended up on the ballot we continue and a big piece was the equity analysis but engage on the stable for more additional dollars. >> absolutely the stability is re really, really key i've had the pleasure of being the job seven years my first job we were faced with a 20 percent reduction i feel we were have
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come out of that area and in terms of stability we can do marry planning and be a little bit less reactive. >> supervisor yee. >> in this presentation is there a slide it talks about the revenue. >> the slide that talks about revenue we alluded to revenue sources on what i think that page 5 of your presentation. >> and then specifically revenue growth on incidental page 8 where it says summary of budget solutions i. >> getting different slides
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some 1, 2, 3, 44 6 /* /- how much revenue does our department get from leasing. >> the actual dollar figure can we have the last slide oh, here it is i'm not sure i brought that slide but the math 38 percent of one and $46 million roughly between 50 and 60 millions is earned revenue. >> and the leasing. >> a lot of things supervisor it very little this is our question comes from the clubhouse not a strategy but more targeted programming and i
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think the biggest chunk off our revenue probably here we go so lounges is a big chunk we procreate the civic center and portsmouth and park program fees which have not increased you know only the board of supervisors can actually increase our program fees their allot to increase by the cpi but again not from charging more we're seeing more and more people active the parks that's great we get a - used to get revenue candle stick we operate a couple of restaurants outlands is a big driver now up to $2 million a year a mix of
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resources. >> thanks. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you mr. ginsburg can you comment on specifically where 9 department is in terms of park patrol highway patrol how many rangers are think duty and whether you've seen improvements in terms of their ability to enforce the law and also guardian i'm sorry gardeners and arborist. >> it is 45 for park rangers the support that you know both the mayor and the board made we've increased the park rangers we're recruiting 17 vacancy's
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right now are helpful a fabulous new park ranger piece the force is a lot more professional and anymore robust we're able to spend look at the more dedicated time and some of the parks that need it most more visual park ranger time in delores park and the civic center still not where we need to be to tackle the 200 and 25 parks but definitely getting better. >> do we know at any given time how many rangers are unusual on duty. >> our scheduling is more efficient we have over lapsing activities e shifts so 4 to 4 and then an overlap like 7 to 8. >> more members of the public that might not sound like go
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much but typically adversities been two. >> it's getting better it's getting better. >> now 200 and 20 or so gardeners with our supervisors and your apprentices the second year we want to continue that one of the things we're struggling with a little bit is that we have on older workforce and we're seeing greater attrition than apprentices it is a great way to train the staff and make sure they're trained over the next few years to make additional investment in the apprenticeship program we're managing the workforce pipeline so i would like to be right now about 1/3rd a little bit more than a third of the new
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gardeners come though the apprenticeship and have 1/3rd outside hires and two-thirds the house so the urban forestry. >> - >> with gardeners the last few years has it been a positive direction. >> a little bit i think where we have been needed quite frankly the apprenticeship program has been a definite success and partnered with hassan basically a p.s. d program that added up to one workers in our parks so we're employing people that have had trouble with stable employment and they're taking over some of the non-vertical tasks of the gardeners that overall has been helpful we need to make investments in our parks.
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>> and then forests. >> urban forestry probably our weaken tweakiest link we're adrc 4 foresters i think that in partnering with them they will we're going to be absorbing the bodies so added funds for tree maintenance and tree removal so some growth i think this is an area that needs a lot more investment. >> thank you all right. colleagues, any fallout questions for mr. ginsburg or staff thank you for coming forward
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opening it up for public comment anyone wish to comment on item one seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues can i entertain a motion to continue through the chair >> we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk item 2. >> a hearing to receive a budget update if the department of public works for fiscal year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. >> thank you, very much want to thank mr. nuru for being here. >> we'll get moving whenever you're ready. >> gm good afternoon and thank you for the opportunity to have a brief overview of the budget for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 i know you're familiar with our agency we're a 24/7 operation we
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clean streets to removing the graffiti to managing many of the construction projects we work with many neighborhoods right-of-way and streets and situations and just you name it public works is there and you can we're the agency that responds to many of the concerns that come through our causality center in developing our budget for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 we have core principles we use to develop the first one is our bucket is aligned with our strategic plan we have one, if sets goals and objectives that plan transmits into performance plans how we deliver and measure how well, we achieve those plans our budget provides a continuing
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and expanding continuing programming including the successful pit stop program you'll hear about today which is the public toilet program the new itself one the budget also restoring service cuts from prior years for example, in 08 and 2012 our urban forestry crews we were 62 percent of the general fund was supported by gardening and arborist staff we've not fully reversed restored that team as part of our core principles providing job training and apprentices opportunity the presentation increasing the staff to deliver
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many of our capital projects primarily two large clients mta the bonds that passed last year from the puc that have huge improvement programs this is important because this is money and requests that come through elected officials but improving our infrastructure and public works have played a major roll in designing the buildings and managing the projects. >> while we're proposing the budget our budget shows a 200 and $64.4 million and this is not including the salaries and benefits of the out budgeted positions that make ups for 37 percent of our staff the presentation today will give
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you the public works prospective on how our operating budget it excludes the benefits of our budgeted positions we must manage the operating budget public works proposed budget for 2016-2017 and gross operating budget is two-hundred hundred and $72.9 million which includes many positions. >> the general supports totals $30 million representing the resources the proposed 2016-2017 budget capital budget is one and $52.6 million this slide here shows a
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breakdown of the budget sources as you can see the largest chunk of our budget comes from city departments that work with our money that is 74 percent and others come florida state gas tax and revenues 5 percent and 11 percent is general fund and then the two smaller ones an impound account are ecology 2 percent is general fund support of the two series of certificates of participation that is with the street right-of-way between 2009 and 2011. >> supervisor kim has a question. >> a quick questions i wasn't aware that public works can't stewart set fees for certain types fees like cigarettes
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people flick on the sidewalks what percentage of those fees and the various types you are. >> the account is through the rates we in the department of environment it is a grant to the department of environment. >> i see. >> we administer that because i've been the rate officer for the city ass remedies for how some of the monies come to the rent board. >> what are the various types of fees that public works can assess. >> the fees are through permits people who work in the right-of-way who tree regulation and through our revenue to finance through people who. >> graffiti. >> graffiti clean up graffiti or garbage. >> and the specific fee for
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the environment by the way, i support how many fees i'm sure doesn't generate a huge amount of fees for the department but be aware of that prior to read about it. >> all of the fees go back into the rate for garbage so they go into the rate we have programs that are fund in public works we have 3 programs funded the ferns we have a path operation ecology takes some of the 311 calls and picks up the illegal clean up by residents. >> the fee on cigarettes that public works can access to department of environment that goes to ecology. >> no can you help me out on
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this. >> their programs that are funded they're funded through the impound account is funds a number of programs these programs are through the department of the environment and mr. rosenfeld it supports part of the public trash i hear you ask about the cigarette abatement fee that fee the mayor and the board established about 6 years ago now and as part of legislative action it requires the controller's office and the public works every number of years to conduct an analysis and automatic increase the fee the nexus study does a review of garbage picked up in the city and contributes a portion to
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citizens butts that happens every year we go through the analysis. >> do we have many others similar types of fees. >> relate to trash and refuge. >> an important thing is prop 3 of a law change that made it difficult for local governments the state of california to capture fees last week that passerby for a permit your ref the benefit that is dribble contributeable there is a connection between the community that is paying the fee and the impact it causes the communities but anymore defused. >> prop said they're not fees for taxation didn't permit any new fees so we haven't seen many
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of those to the best of my knowledge we haven't got an impact like this. >> and generally goes into the general fund. >> yeah. in this case is offsetting the cost of the street cleaning budget for the department of public works. >> that's where most people flick their butts i'm surprised because the state has strength when we can assess. >> and they've tightened up and a discussion of alcohol impact fee by ciara fee an acholic beverages that is not permissible. >> i was curious what other types of fees similar to the one the city and there's not that many. >> i can do more homework and
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get back to you. >> a little bit of the budget overview for 2016-2017. in terms of uses and the greatest changes take place in our infrastructure and building divisions which are growing but 8 point plus millions and such for police station and ada facility improvements and the sewer system and many of the straight improvements and smaller increases are hone in the building design and construction and the urban forestry a doughnut chart >> and lastly some of our new initiatives we have a few initiatives the first thing is we're requesting additional support for encampment cleaning services encampment cleaning services has increased tremendously if our
11:30 am
agency and we believe to meet the requests that we have through many of the city service requests we need additional staffing this initiative currently a lot of humane number of our staff sometimes as many as thirty a day are diverted from their normal work they do on a given day to go and clean up many of the encampments we're also seeing a huge increase in the number of things we're pickup on the streets and seeing a huge increase the requests for stream services from the public that operation we've tried to be as reasonable as we can but this information
11:31 am
is based on data the last six or seven months a demand is highest the second initiative is actually i'll go both ab this program we started a year and a half ago with 3 pilot programs and running 10 toilets both to city co-and pit stops to continue it program is $1.2 million and add another program a total of 20. fiscal year 2016-2017 and that program as you may know has made a huge change for people who use the bathrooms the streets and a program that provides job opportunities to many people who
11:32 am
otherwise - real big hit in the department because of the numbers alone speaks for itself on having a couple of hundred flushes a day has increased tremendously and thousands of flushes at the end of the day it keeps on increasing and people are now using those bathrooms if you have around civic center or 7th street you'll feel the difference we believe the bathroom, contributes to them over there and the third initiative is section algeria and street inspector of the programs the last few years we've been thankful to your support for many years the labor apprenticeship program and many of the apprentices and many have
11:33 am
gone on to serve other departments some outside of the city the last few years we launched a gardening arborist program and both of those are doing prohibit and asking to expand our programs to increase the numbers of stationary engineers to go through the practice at building inspection program the special engineer program will allow participants to go and visit many of our classes in particular and many of the structures that we have to maintain and need prevent work on the inspector program as you may know not been able to keep up with the construction in making sure we providing thorough inspection and making sure when contractors working the right-of-way they are doing things correctly and just having
11:34 am
the resources to dispatch when we get those calls those are fee jason part of our program we believe that an apprentice program leads people into the profession we make a difference and lastly the green bent district is one that was funded our time half time last year we have the city's first green district in potrero hill which actually generates revenue to do more maintenance, cleaning and some type of new projects on potrero hill since this program started staff is engaged with many other neighborhoods creating green benefit districts and we are asking for one thousand dollars to make that a full-time position so we can keep on building those benefits make a huge difference to
11:35 am
entertaining >> thank you mr. nuru supervisor tang. >> thank you so much for your presentation and always be responsive to all our offices when we have needs know there are many to things i want to ask about the corridor ambassador programs how long that has been going and whether the department has kept that staffing level instant or increased arrest decreased still getting a lot of complaints around the commercial corridor i am curious about the overall department the staffing. >> the ambassador program is one that we started many years ago and when we started the program it was really well received and a lot of the partners have been doing really great work and been looking
11:36 am
after many of the corridors and after a year, they graduate and some graduated into the top program and others to other places one and thirty slots for a fully invested program our numbers are 60 been declining one of the reasons the program is now open to other agencies to you heard from rec and park about a one over there and other agencies have the door open not many people want to go into street korean so from the selection a lot of the participants is the last resort to come and join us we're not assaulter not having success in retaining people to come to street cleaning the program is open to everyone and so we're working with the trend
11:37 am
shop and human services to maybe hold off for 6 weeks we can go and make sure we reach our threshold as other departments not - street cleaning is a hard job and not many people pick street sweeping as they're number one choice. >> i love to photocopy follow-up with our staff and talk about the work orders and the second question was about steam cleaning i know that with the drought you know it obviously had impacted some of the services for example, we had put money aside for steam cleaning on commercial corridors i don't know if that is continuing or the department is
11:38 am
sorrowfully cutting back because of drought but drought has been a major issue for the department because most of our steam clean power is for fees or blood or sorts of stuff and the number of requests has increased for the department but special programs to advance the programs so in your district we are performing a function of a benefit proposition k - very with public safety housing so you won't see as many street cleaners but cleaning the sidewalks for the sake of making them look nice and the demands every morning people coming into work and have
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places they need to go it is just the demand. >> okay. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you supervisor tang colleagues, any further questions for mr. nuru okay. thank you very much for being we're opening it up for public comment anyone wish to comment on item 2 seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues as of before can i entertain a motion to continue to the call of the chair we'll take that without objection. >> madam clerk calls 4 and 5 together. >> to effect the addition of one senior specialist with small property owners the mayor's office of economic workforce development to administer the legacy business registry and the preservation funds anticipate the funds appropriately 3 hundreds plus thousand dollars for grants and related
11:40 am
administrative costs for the business registry and the historic preservation in or 2016-2017 we'll have regina from the small business commission. >> good afternoon commissioner farrell and regina the office of small business part of woemdz and oewd is also part of implementing the department the implementing department for the legacy business program the department charges with retaining and helping small business owners small businesses we take sorrowful the prop j and link operating businesses to retain the city about the small business the invested initiative that was created by the mayor to
11:41 am
support and strengthen neighborhoods and businesses throughout the city the mayors budget proposal with the support of this committee we have millions of dollars we're able to provide in debt services for small businesses that includes legal assistance assistance to legal research and business loans and improvements and business planning a number of programs we have to help them those programs support of legacy businesses as well as younger smaller biz businesses we're focused on implementing the small business legacy and the historic preservation fund that's why woemdz and o s b we've been working together with the mayor budget on a proposal
11:42 am
as part of 2016-2017 budget process we agree having a project manager coming on as quickly as possible is important that's why woemdz is beginning to bring on a temporary non-774 to develop a legacy business historic preservation this will be paid for existing departmental sources we expect this position to start at the end of fiscal year and anticipate we will request the continued funding for the 9774, 2016-2017 in regards to the grand funding i appreciate supervisor campos proposal supplemental there are two points that i'd like to have the committee give consideration to at this point the most critical point is excuse me - the most
11:43 am
critical piece the funding to administer registry with the ftes coming on board at the at the end of the fiscal year of we allocate the fuvendz for the grant program we'll be challenged to administer those before the given e beginning of the next bucket year as part of fiscal year 2016-2017 we're working on a comprehensive proposal that looks at legacy historical business funds and the needs for real estate assistance and other key ingredients needed to insure a legacy business is sustainable for a long term and ultimately successful without city subsidies this proposal is not done yet since we're the process of developing as part of budget process i'll ask you to let us
11:44 am
complete this proposal as the mayor's office budget and consider the oewd budget proposal thank you. >> okay. thank you very much i want to recognize supervisor campos and someone if supervisor peskin office to comment on this item. >> supervisor campos thank you. i have comments but also have a few questions for the lady that are relevant to the consideration but i have a few comments then - so as we know the voters pass prop j last year creating a legacy business historic preservation funds that was passed by the voter in san francisco with about 57 percent of vote but one and 8 thousand san franciscans voted for that
11:45 am
very frank about this supplemental and the fact that eave had a lot of hesitation breaking and entering this forward i don't believe the supplemental is needed i actually think that we'll be able to see this from the facts the more you learn about the prelims of this voter approves mandate the more you realize how far hidden we are and building you me i don't need the political headache of having to fight for a supplemental if i felt that including this the mayor's office upcoming budget would cut it we would not have this conversation especially given that i've been in office now for more than
11:46 am
seven years and i think that is probably is it fair to say i've never had the kind of relationship that i currently have with the mayor of san francisco i've never seen the mayor of san francisco be on his team upset with me and target me politically as they have the last few days and i understand that the mayor is upset with me over the issue of homelessness i know that he was not happy that we introduced an ordinance declaring a stated of emergency i understand that i'm a big boy i can take that but the reason why i've been
11:47 am
hesitance i've been afraid and i'm afraid that his displeasure with me and unhappiness will get in the way of doing the right thing on this matter what i will say to mayor ed lee if he's watching mr. mayor i know your unhappy and happy to be you're political pen i can't do but please does not punish the businesses that are waiting for this program you can go after me but slowing down the program and prelims of this program and you know giving it a it's not the right thing to do
11:48 am
and i hope it didn't happen the fact that the small business commission they're doing a good job i think the world of regina she has a tough job and doing the best we can she did resources are resources that we believe are needed based on what we saw based on what we've seen since prop j was passed and we're happy to give you the specification and give more detail my staff has had to play the relay of essentially being the staff person not because regina is not going a good job but she's over extended as it is are that i don't believe that
11:49 am
the charter wants us to play that role i don't believe that the mayor should want anyone of the members of the board of supervisors to have the staff the legislative staff become essentially responsible for doing work that should be done by a staff in one of the agencies the budget supplemental we're asking for creates a new position that quite frankly should have been created i would say before prop j was passed but certainly should have been created right after prop j was passed so this person would actually had had work that is expected to fully implement prop j the supplemental includes funding for the historic preservation funds to allow
11:50 am
building owners that house legacy businesses to prefor is an annual grant when the extended lease i can tell you there are businesses in my district that are waiting to benefit from that today i can tell you supervisor peskin can attest businesses in chinatown and other parts of district that are waiting and when i say businesses waiting these are businesses on the brink of being pushed out of san francisco director who is charged with implementing this program didn't have the staff person again, that's the reason my staff have been playing that role we've been holding sessions for businesses in the community and held a training for all legislative aide to to provide for people to understand how the
11:51 am
program works we've made nominations for the legacy business registry and again, even though she's working as hard as she can the small business commission has not acted on any nooemgsz are that have been made and typed it shouldn't be necessary to ring the alarm about the crisis we're facing open affordability and i believe that if we wait until the end of the fiscal year and go through the budget process that that will be late for some too late for some of the businesses. >> and so with that, i'd like to ask the lady a couple of questions if i may. >> again, i want to thank you because i think you're doing
11:52 am
your working hard and really want to say i'm appreciative of that since the prop j was passed has one business been added to the registry yet. >> no. >> and why not. >> again due to staffing the ability to process the applications we've not had the time to process the application and. >> thank you in terms of materials available online for the legacy business program has that happened. >> just that's happened we're the process of having those materials translated they'll be online. >> when did that happen for for the registry program that went online two weeks ago. >> okay. >> and again, it's been a
11:53 am
kwhiet e while since the voters passed that are you responding to businesses that acquire about the program. >> yes. and, yes as best we can. >> i know we're getting a lot of folks coming to us it's been a challenge to escape up with the demand any pro-active outreach your office has deny to small businesses around the program. >> we've not be able to engage in prosecute pro-active outreach and again, because we don't have the staff to manage the program how about working with the 11 supervisors have you worked with at supervisor offices to train them and i did excuse me - before the at the end of 2015 i sent a memo to all the aids in
11:54 am
terms of the process live informing them that we because of our ability to facilitate the number of inquires we'll only facilitate the applications that were received as director nominations from the supervisors offices. >> how about filling out applications your office eve surveillance. >> we are able in conversation we go through with them the detail around the written history and what is involved because i think most businesses don't understand they need to provide an historical narrative and so we go through that pretty clearly and we have done one
11:55 am
referral to the small business department center for assistance in writing their history. >> under - one of the things required in the process there be nominations made to the historic preservation commission have you done any of those. >> no we've not made any referrals to the historic preservation commission. >> that's because - >> there are some of the applications that still need a little bit more information and i have 3 applications now that i've deemed completed in terms of having enough information that are ready to be forwarded. >> okay. and when do you expect to forward these. >> in hopes of next week. >> well, thank you i don't want to belabor the point what we have a department that is
11:56 am
doing the best we can with the limited resources and you're doing wonderful work i don't believe that we should wait until the fiscal year i will plead with the mayor to make sure that whatever item didn't get the way of this with that, i know that supervisor peskin has someone here to speak to this issue as well i want to thank supervisor peskin for his leadership. >> thank you, supervisors we have a lavrd to supervisor peskin and supervisor peskin has link been an advocate for the preservation and it extends to the businesses and residents of those historical edifies the supervisor by coincides is in chinatown publicizing the
11:57 am
virtues of the legacy businesses funds a member of the staff and just echoing a lot of the things that commissioner peskin we actually have businesses right now that will apply for waiting on the funds specifically waiting on the landlord they're in the mist of renegotiating their leases inspire at the end of this month and in the last few weeks hey, we, get those resources to you to have this leverage to negotiate our long term lease those are the famous businesses that are felon throughout the district but the golden gateway future cookie company and the key history the businesses that will benefit from the fund we
11:58 am
owe it to them a year ago the board approved the registry it's time we move forward with the resources so with that, i thank you for the support of our small legacy businesses in san francisco and look forward to more work on that thank you. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much you know to me this issue is not about who is mad added who or punishing who but the merits i supported prop j and i have businesses in any district beloved businesses that are interested and participating the program so they can really stabilize themselves and remain the neighborhood and continue to provide they're great either side services to the community on a 100 percent supportive of this program it needs to be funded we need better staffing
11:59 am
and at areas and small businesses and the grant program needs to be funded whatever ones view of prop j i supported it there are others that doesn't the voters passed it it exists i think that is a good idea and should fund it i have a continued question why we do this a supplemental it can be easily included the budget i guess 3 hundreds hundred and $50,000 i understand the carbarn it is hard from the mayor would fail to exclude it for the 2 and hundreds add back and three hundred and 50 it to the sxeerldz add back with that said, ami i'd like to to ask the mayors budget office i have
12:00 pm
questions why we're doing this as a supplemental but fully support this $350,000 to fund moving forward with this program is from the mayors budget office can comment. >> thank you, supervisor for your question acting bucket director temperatures i want to thank regina and tom we've been working with those departments on this the mayor is going to definitely include something the budgets to supplement that we wanted to be thoughtful about what that will be we've been working with the department to figure what fupz four staffing and want to make sure we have the times to complete that and as you've heard we have a budget deficit so a contact for all the requests we had a hearing this
12:01 pm
morning and heard from the public works and they're requesting every dollar we spends on a supplemental is money we don't have money for next week. >> i understand mayor's office is not in support of supplemental but helping to put together his submission to the board it is saying it is the pairs intention to include funding and implement services will that include the staffing support for the office of small business. >> i believe we'll not have the position moving forward if not the budget. >> in terms of the grants program obviously the legacy business program didn't have a point if there is no grants
12:02 pm
money associated westbound that so that there be grant money in the budgets. >> i'm looking to the department how much should be included we're still in discussion i don't know what amount i think it would be included in the budget we need more time on the dollars values. >> it is important my views it is important that the grant funding be included the budget and i'm you know like i said it is preferable to do this through the budget and not a supplemental and i'll like to proceed that but have confidence it will maple, of course, an inadequacy i'll support an ad back with supervisor campos as we glow the process but i think i like to have clarity on that whether or not that means
12:03 pm
postponing the supplemental or send it to the board and get more information in the next few weeks i don't know how to proceed but make sure we'll fund this the budget. >> okay. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you very much and i just wanted to clarify what i think i heard during the presentation about the positions specifically item 4 this is a temporary position and funding from the departments so that's okay to move forward we believe i heard the mayor's office is supportive of that and annualized that so in terms of the item 5 aer in terms of the grant funding i'm sorry if i missed this earlier in terms of the small business commission developing the rules and regulations around the criteria for awarding the grants what is the timeline for the
12:04 pm
development of those criteria. >> currently the timeline part of the rule making is part of problematic structure we're proposing for the 2016-2017 and so that rule making because we have to solidify the proposal will be finalized i'll say late may early june, i think we're the timeframe. >> i mean for me i mean generally speaking not just for this topic but encouraged us no to support supplementals when but take other one line item it is important for the board we
12:05 pm
have to take into consideration the context of the entire bucket the rex u rules and regulations will, finalized in late may and june give us reason with to include this into the overall budget and prop j we're not here or ever said we'll be opposed to the funding i think for me just the procedure and the timing and let's get that as part of rest of the budget. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you you know given how close we are to the budget season i'll normally want us to have this to the budget process and the senior development specialists i've concerned we can hire
12:06 pm
someone before july 1st given the entering process with that said, a couple of things we're hire someone in june or july and have to start now there needs to be a guarantee of salary and quite frankly we'll like to feel comfortable our office submitted several legacy businesses on request i've not heard bad actor we know you lack the retail use so many work the office of small business does for me, i think from the prospective of the public the commitment we will deliver whether we ask people to start submitting applications and businesses that will go to the negotiations in extension that you know this office will be able to - before july 1st not at the beginning of the fiscal
12:07 pm
year i'm support something moving forward earlier we can talk about that where but this residents don't understand the budget cycle they thought that would combine immediately and depending on the board to stay in san francisco they're able to use this leverage and in their lease negotiations with pertains it is great we're encouraging pertains to give out tenants leases to many of the legacy businesses i'll hate to loss more that is heartbreaking to keep the residents we have less traction efforts with the commercial real estate owners this is the one key tool to protect our businesses i want to see you move forward with some type of amount both the funds for grants but too i think this is office needs administrative
12:08 pm
support and have businesses that have submitted i don't think they should be waiting three or four months to get a response and understand what the resources are to get. >> supervisor yee. >> regina if you had staff today how quickly can you start the process of providing grants how long will that take. >> if we had staff in terms of finalizing the. >> new staff. >> pardon me. >> new staff. >> a legacy business program manager starting today in terms of developing the grants you know application criteria and then the police radios to
12:09 pm
administer the funds to be safe we'll be looking at sort of mid june to early july at the earliest. >> do we have a job announcements or something for this position. >> i've designed a job description for this position already. >> is there a deadline if we - >> it has not been posted because you know part of this was developing for the 2016-2017 budget and now we're able to funds this now through the office of small business to get this i mean small business oewd to now move this position and make that and start hiring for the position earlier than is 2016-2017 budgets so - >> so, i mean what i'm saying
12:10 pm
once we can get it though the regular processes and having it established which our finance people will - >> let me can i make a funny suggestion to the author. >> it seems that if there recent a commitment to hire a disposition to get things rolling we need the bulk of money suggested heretofore, the grants eventually for staffing but would - and procedurally i mean, i don't know if this is possible but can you ask for a supplemental and how do you retain it somewhere? you know like it will be available but that will only defer on the budget cycle and this included in the budget
12:11 pm
cycle flip that back i don't know how to say this but the idea you don't release that right away >> budget reserve a. >> if i understand your intent one you can appropriate the funds and place the funds on reserve pending an action by the committee or other city department that will be first one and if i understand your question another approach would be to leave the supplemental pending at the board of supervisors and bring that back and act on that in june should the budget before you in june not contain few minutes for the puncture. >> i want to suggest the formaler to pass it and put it in reserve and the actions that
12:12 pm
the office needs to take will have back up in terms of funding and if indeed did mayors putting the budget we'll we won't have to use it. >> when the board places it on reserve which body is holding it the controller's office or something else, and, secondly, what would you like the department to come back in terms of research. >> so i think the for is amenable to that idea maybe you can massage it. >> if i may supervisor yee i'm and i mention to anything that will getting things moving the reason why we did a supplemental we firmly believe that expenditures of some funds is needed between now and the end of the current fiscal staff person to develop the
12:13 pm
criteria to move forward getting the nominations forwarded to the historic preservation commission a number of things and i will be open to your suggestion of moving placing in a reserve as long as the funds will be available to the colleague now to be needed to side now what i don't want and i'm trying to avoid fwrns in my district fill man's kitchen and the variety studio and rocky theatre and mission cultural center the list goes ongoing i don't want them to wait until july 1st for anything to happen an all the things you know by that time it will be two late
12:14 pm
the reason i think action it is important especially for the landlords and the property owners they want to know we're committed to making this program work i'm very happy and thankful to my colleagues for their comments along those lines i'm not for a specific form i'm happy to with work the committee. >> i guess that's why i asked did questions whether in terms of the x of everything to post disposition to hire the person and if there's any available funding right now the budget to offset that costs per month or two because you're saying even hire someone that will it takes time to come up where the
12:15 pm
program i guess the details honey how to do that it this what allison park hearing from you. >> with the ability actually being able to fund the position inform o to find temporary few minutes correct me if i am wrong if i'm not users the correct terminology with the office being able to have the funds we'll initiative the process of hiring something earlier than waiting through the process of the supplemental to glow it's steps of approval. >> so you don't have any - some left over funds from the department sometimes you overestimated like $10,000 left. >> my understanding they do are able to forward this within their current year budget they've been able to have cover
12:16 pm
their salaries for the month of june so. >> then if that's the case i want to consider you know putting on reserve and any indication we can forward it out of that. >> if i may i know the controller had a suggestion i trust mr. rosenfeld. >> so a suggestion in a do bar conversation with the sponsor so the department is indicating they've got salary savings but not authorize positions they can't recruit in that position that is a different kind of process their suggesting to fill it temporarily but from the board wants to move forward with the a s organization with the continued salary ordinance that allows the department to have a person permanently that starts the process from the board wants
12:17 pm
to move forward with an appropriation you can move that appropriation and place it preponderance of the evidence a report on the progress towards implementation fellowship the position and the other bifurcate you could move forward the position pending the report. >> that was my intention and hopefully resolve the issue of you know the hope for someone that didn't want to use a supplemental versus oh, are we sure there will be in the budget we may have to use a supplemental. >> that works for me and supervisor tang i'm sorry. i'm trying to clarify what mr. rosenfeld said
12:18 pm
for the temporary position. >> no the desire to create the manager on a more permanent basis that will require if it's the intent move forward which comes with the funding as well. >> no, it didn't. >> no give the authority provided they have a funding they do in their security year budget and then move the appropriation forward and place it on reserve does make sense. >> mr. rose, can we go to your report. >> >> yes. on page 4 of the reports you noted the request of $433,000 blues of general
12:19 pm
reserve is appropriate in page 4 just i think that is clear that request is from new general fund monies again think page had the city grants expenditure will fund a legacy business under prop j to provide annual grants to building owners that need space for 10 years for the legacy businesses and that will be for an estimated 13 property owners for this fiscal year so that two hundred and 81 thousand is using the maximum grants for 13 property owners. >> we also report that ones manual rent stabilization will continue for a term of the lease
12:20 pm
therefore if business owners are something the department estimated or projects so if an additional legacy businesses property owners apply each other every year 24 results in an amount of at least an additional $5,740,000 every year or compton pounded over a 10 year term on page 5 of our report we note the urban forester itself disposition could be hind result- would be june the 662016 and bans that calculation we've made a recommendation on page 7 of our report we recommended you supplemental provision the context of the in general fund money as opposed to they're
12:21 pm
using the existing salary savings we recommend the file to reduce the request are for the general fund 90 percent and the position of 26 thousand in 2009 and over a 3 year to hire the position in a total appropriation will be reduced by $26,000 plus and 349 plus we can consider the approval as amended to be a policy decision for the board of supervisors. >> thank you, mr. rose colleagues any further questions for mr. rose. >> okay why not communication anyone wish to comment on 4 or 5. >> good afternoon, members meeting are san francisco heritage as you know, our organization clofbd with supervisor campos and the small
12:22 pm
business commission in into drafting the legacy business registry ordinance and follow-up los angeles or language. prop j and as mentioned by supervisor campos the registry passed over a year by a amount vote of the supervisors and it is deeply frustrating that the new nominations have been for a vote by the full board sharing our own experience our office has been contacted by a dozens of business owners interested in applying for the registry and trying to find information how to apply and up until a if you weeks ago no information available on how to apply and is criteria, etc. that information is now up but important to increase core score how to help the businesses placing displacement is a source of
12:23 pm
alienation many businesses are fruthd and this confidence i'll vaccine that immediate action it needed a clear signal funding will be available for the listed negotiations so property owners need certainty to incorporate this into a new lease position so for that reason he strongly support the supplemental or whatever from today's hearing and like to note that not only is important for the local businesses in san francisco but the eyes of the nation not on the 70's san francisco regarding this success of failure just yesterday the new york daily news had a section of displacement businesses that interviews supervisor campos and myself on the program here in san francisco anything
12:24 pm
else seeing none, public comment is closed >> one question you remember the you say one hundred applications come in how do you choose we're talking about will equity. >> so how the applications come in is actually the first for the anatomyer and the board of supervisors to nominate the business and then it has - certain office of supervisors had contacted the business and working on the application so
12:25 pm
when i am talking it businesses and they're asking about the program i inform them the first step they need to take is talk it supervisors or is mayor's office because that is the first step if being considered the application process to be nominated. >> okay. so once their nominated and once they're there. >> and . >> you have someone to choose from house the plan. >> not choosing but looking at the application and insure the application is tells the narrative and has supplemental documents has supplemental documents we can actually utility their story and their information to be able to tell the history
12:26 pm
now and there's no - per prop j the commission can review up to pits on the registry three hundred businesses a year so that is a kwfrlt if we meet three hundred businesses more than can be considered for the registry. >> nominees have been maids in mire office any best that want to be nominated as a legacy business and meets the thresholds we're nominating them so there are businesses that are waiting to file the applications we nominated who should have been referred to the process started but that hadn't you know happened what we're getting a lot
12:27 pm
businesses that don't know how it works so. >> i guess the question is along the lines of an abundance more businesses we'll have funding for what then. >> then the selection criteria within the hands of small business commission they're setting the rules. >> i apologize if i misunderstood your question in prop j it acceptance outs for each grant program if they're not enough funding to allocate the grants per you know 5 hundreds dollars for employee or 450, $4.50 per square feet it is did not on the number of businesses that qualified for the grant program and the amount of funding. >> i understand that my
12:28 pm
question is assuming more businesses with more funding looked like the budgets how do you decide between is businesses. >> thinks they'll be criteria that is developed by the department, by the small business commission to figure you know certain priorities preferences and one of the things we've talked about me for instance, being - >> part of what - you don't have before you is the program that we are working on through the budget cycle that spells out no there will some alcohol, tobacco & firearms information your timing in terms of what is going to be the criteria of which we reviewed a grants operation and determined that business or property owner that they meet the grant career yeah.
12:29 pm
and it states in prop j that is a kind of like a- >> not to interrupt you but figuring. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney the ordinance that the boards passed sets the limits on the number of businesses at any given times of three hundred per year and if there is - and the ballot measure prop j that the formula for figuring out how much money a business gets a number of employees per business if there are more grants - grant money than money in the pot that is employment than the small business commission will give out grants proportionally based
12:30 pm
on the number of employees in each qualified business. >> so i guess again, this is a curiosity request assuming a supervisor under district 12 didn't exist whoift has 50 applications and therefore, he or she has all the businesses funded and nothing else in the city that wouldn't happy. >> right a pool of qualified businesses. >> okay. >> so colleagues i'm open i know there is a lot of discussion i'll throw in my $0.02 thank you supervisor campos for introducing that last year from my prospective i'm comfortable with item 4 and it is long overdue i think item 5 i chair that committee i don't
12:31 pm
like legislative he understand supervisor yee's comments to some of the questions i think i'll feel xhofkt continuing this to the call of the chair maybe it is a little bit splilt hairs i'll feel comfortable with. >> i suggested an amendment to this. >> do you have a motion. >> i will needs this language but a motion be for 5 to ask for the supplemental and put that on reserve depending on the needs and that's a motion not on amendment to 5 let me suggest any concerns on
12:32 pm
item 4 maybe a motion to move item 4 we'll take that without objection. >> we'll take that without objection. >> so moving item 4nd now item 5 supervisor yee you're welcome to make a motion. >> the motion to have that as a supplemental and put it on reserve with the controllers or. >> what is appropriate to move it ahead and place the appropriation on committee reserve and report back from the department. >> okay. that's my motion then. >> i'll second that. >> okay supervisor kim seconded any further discussion? colleagues auto roll call. >> can we do a reluctant. >> supervisor tang no supervisor yee
12:33 pm
supervisor kim supervisor wiener no supervisor farrell no okay there are 2 i's and two notices colleagues, any others motions i'd like to continue to the to the call of the chair. >> i'll hope that the majority of committee will consider this as this didn't come out of committee we remember bring it to the full board i think this is unfortunate we are we're and again, i really don't want the politics on other issues getting away but to sit here and say we're supporting a program yet not taking any action to actually set money aside on reserve what is our message this sends i understand the votes are what they are in committee but
12:34 pm
needs 4 members of the boards to pull this out of committee that's unfortunate but if this is what it takes it is what it takes. >> i appreciate those those comments and everyone is able to make motioned but to those comments has to do with has nothing to do with with any other topic at all this is about in april putting budget supplementals through the board of supervisors and so be that as people disagree tare welcome. >> supervisor tang. >> you said it sxaerl but again, this has nothing to do with with politics or whatever else is going on he would have taken this position on me supplemental and have before i could very well say to this board put together a supplemental a million dollars
12:35 pm
restroom i've tried to build and asked for multiple add backs so children don't have to pee the park nowhere else to pwe're supporting item 4 by asking for the amendment we can move forward with the division we're moving forward with our commitment to prop j. >> supervisor wiener. >> yeah. we want to reiterate this has nothing to do with with the personal a.d. missed i can't say speak to or commit on the relationship deny supervisor campos and the mayor's office that is not my relationship to manage and it is what it is i can speak to the way that i have works with supervisor campos and supervisor campos know he and i
12:36 pm
have many sdwraurment i've provided an 8 votes to pass things has nothing to do with it but with the policy i've stated i'm withholding supportive allocating the money i want the mayor's office to allocate it the bucket from the mayor's office didn't i'll support an ad back because i ports this program and should be moving forward and i think this millennium is reasonable but last week supervisor tang i had a list of budget priorities that i would very much like and times budgets items to support transgender non-conforming youth that is very time incentive and sure it will be great to have that money earlier but through the budget office we've asked the mayor to put 2 in his bucket if not i'll pursue it and
12:37 pm
colleagues i'll ask for your support it is attempting to say that is because of whatever supports or lack of support for a policy that is a process issue this wait the short amount of time to go have not bucket process i'll fully support that at that point. >> supervisor campos. >> the motion that supervisor yee kindly put forward doesn't allocate any money for the right-of-way by what it does it adds teeth to the comments made about who how it is important to demonstrate our commitment to the program i'll thinks the motion requires the expenditure of money to the contrary is requires this actually come back to the committee to figure how it is
12:38 pm
playing out the fact that, you know, the committee is not willing to side that is schwartz itself. >> supervisor kim. >> i don't want to question my member of this board in terms of belittle motivations i think as a general no more we've allowed controversial items to come out of the the committee for the board of supervisors even when the digester of the committee didn't support the supplementals that's been done the past i'll ask this board consider it structurally that will happen that ability exists with the board of supervisors i do think this the comments are real everyone has legacy businesses the district they'll like to see opportunity and preserve and continue to be a cultural assets like the nonprofits and artists
12:39 pm
organizations when you i'll ask the committee consider putting it out without recommendation brats full board it is as nice compromise it is on reserve by the way, i completely understand the hesitation to support a supplemental appropriations this late but we've done it the past and done a large one for the homeless torch twaerm close to the july budget and sometimes last year priorities we feel we have committed to earlier in the year we want to move forward so that's the comment i'll make today. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> okay. colleagues any further discussion? okay any further motioned
12:40 pm
is there's a motion on the floor there's a motion on the floor made pay supervisor tang to continue this matter to the call of the chair is there a second. >> second by supervisor wiener and madam clerk roll call vote. >> supervisor tang supervisor yee no supervisor kim san francisco supervisor wiener supervisor farrell there are 3 i's and go notices with supervisor yee and supervisor kim in dissent that item passes moishgsz there's no further business. >> thank you, everyone we're